With our Premiere announcing the Sudbury District moving into CODE ORANGE of reopening, we have been given the green light to bring back HockeyFest with strict COVID-19 restrictions implemented. 


With this limit, HockeyFest Game On! has implemented many restrictions/adaptations that will allow for a safe and responsible return to play such as the following:


  • A maximum safe capacity for the facility has been determined and is monitored

  • HockeyFest will operate in various pods of rinks to ensure social distancing matters are in place (physical distancing of at least 2 metres) 

    • Each team will be designated to a specific rink and will not be able to transfer to others ​

  • We will divide our league into divisions (groups) of 50 or fewer players and the league does not permit teams in different groups or leagues to play against one another

    • Certain pods will be designate solely to specific leagues so overlapping does not occur

  • Each pod will have its own hand sanitizing stations

  • Washrooms on site will be cleaned hourly

  • There will be a distance of 30 feet between each set up rink

  • Signage is posted throughout facility to address the importance of: physical distancing, hand hygiene, respiratory etiquette, mandatory face covering requirements, and other general COVID-19 information

  • Staff will be in attendance monitoring traffic flow

  • Rinks will be placed accurately to ensure adequate space is available between games

  • In order to complete all guaranteed games, HockeyFest will begin the tournament Friday and run until Sunday evening rather than the typical Saturday/Sunday format

    • Friday 10am – 9pm, Saturday 8am-8pm, Sunday 8am-5pm

  • Games will be staggered to prevent crowding

    • Game times will be moved from the original time of every 45 minutes to every 60 minutes to allow adequate time between games for staff to sanitize high contact areas and teams to warm up

  • Spectators and fans can only enter their designated game pod 15 minutes ahead of their scheduled game time, and must exit the event site immediately following their game

  • Masks will be recommended under the Covid-19 restrictions

  • Push messaging will be utilized via our software as well as PA announcements to remind parents/spectators/players to sanitize often, social distance and wear masks where mandatory

  • Masks are worn by staff and patrons upon entering and leaving the facility and in any space where physical distancing may be difficult

  • Referees will be under strict instruction to remind players to that any prolonged contact will be prohibited

  • High-touch areas will be cleaned and disinfected between all games or hourly (e.g., rink boards, water fountains, tap handles, door handles, etc.)

  • Contact information for all participants will be recorded for contract tracing

  • We will ensure all activities are conducted in a manner that maintains physical distancing guidelines and upholds public health measures


Unfortunately, with the limited gathering restrictions, at this time we will not be able to operate any extra curricular activities such as our interactive games and inflatables.


With this being said we are very excited and grateful to have HockeyFest back and offer a outdoor experience for all ages and levels to participate in.


We promise to do our part in acting responsibly and adhering to the safety guidelines and measures in order to prioritize the safety of the public, our participants, fans and staff as progress in the fight against COVID19.

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